Wild Rose Humane Society Wish List

The following is a list of some of the items and services we need. The list is constantly changing so please keep checking back with us. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it!

While we greatly appreciate all donations, you will note that in some cases we request new items only or specific types. This is because they cannot be disinfected or disposed of easily for disease and other control protocols. There are also other situations where we must purchase specific types of items so we do not include them on the list.


• Building trades – carpenters, drywallers, electricians etc.
• In-kind gifts of equipment and building supplies
• Professional fundraisers
• Professional advisers – engineers, accountants, lawyers, teachers, veterinarians, AHTs etc.
• Duct cleaning and other cleaning services
• Snow removal
• Veterinary services
• Doggie daycare for foster animals
• Volunteers of all sorts! (Please note that in most cases volunteers must be at least 16 years of age)

Animal Care and Cleaning

• Pet crates and exercise pens – for dogs, cats, small pets
• Kuranda beds – https://kuranda.com/humane
• Bleach
• Cleaning supplies – pine sol, Windex, paper towel, disposable rubber gloves, brooms, dust pans, garbage bags, mop heads, scrubbers and scrub brushes
• Cat litter
• New cat trees, scratching posts and cat toys
• Pine shavings
• Pet foods – all kinds – adult, puppy/kitten, gastro, etc
• New or used fleece blankets, towels, sheets
• Pet potty pads/incontinence pads
• Snuggle Safe pet microwave heating pads
• Baby gates and play yards (not play pens)
• Liquid laundry detergent
• Dish soap
• Dish washer soap
• Baby/small animal digital scale
• Calculators
• First aid supplies – new bandages, Elizabethan collars (cones)
• Easy Walk Harnesses, leashes and collars
• Storage bins – new food safe and any clean regular
• New Kongs and dog toys
• Can openers (non electric)

Office Supplies

• Printer paper
• Postage stamps
• New pens, pencils and markers
• Tape
• White out
• Plastic page protectors
• Envelopes
• Gift cards to Staples
• File folders
• White boards and cork boards
• Sticky notes
• Clip boards
• Digital camera


• Gift cards – grocery stores, Canadian Tire, Walmart, gas stations etc.
• Grocery store gift cards
• Painters tape, trays, rollers and brushes
• Chain link fence supplies
• Anti bacterial hand soap
• Toilet paper
• J-cloths
• Paper towel
• Flashlights
• 15-20 foot extension cords: outdoor grade, 12 gauge, 3 amp
• Collect AIR MILES Reward Miles for the Wild Rose Humane Society! Write down our number, keep it in your wallet and give our number to any business offering AIR MILES# 8010 345 4153
• Olds Coop number: 30109
• Canadian Tire Money
• Prize gift certificates for fundraising events

These items will be gratefully accepted at the Society office, 13 Co-op Road Didsbury. Please contact us at info@wildrosehumane.ca or (403) 586-7297 to make arrangements for drop off or pick-up.

Donation receipts are available upon request for items or services totalling over $20, with original store receipt (shipping and handling not included).

Thank you for supporting us!