Adoption and
Foster Programs


Adopting a pet is an exciting time in a person’s life. If you are ready for the commitment of providing a new pet with your time and attention and you have thought about the costs of owning a pet, then please give us a call go set up an appointment for a Meet ‘N’ Greet at the shelter. All family members must be present at the Meet ‘N’ Greet to ensure that the pet is the right match for you!

We encourage you to spend time researching breed traits, characteristics and needs of the type of animal you are interested in.


If you live in rental accommodations, please confirm that your landlord allows the type of pet you are considering and that you have paid your pet deposit before you adopt. There are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES if the building owner does not accept the animal. In addition, you will have to pay all regular surrender fees if you need to return the animal to Wild Rose Humane Society.


Our foster program for cats and dogs was launched in early 2014.  We are always accepting applications. We are looking for homes in the communities between Innisfail and Airdrie that can temporarily care for homeless/abandoned animals for eventual adoption. We have a great network of vets, animal day cares, kennels, trainers, etc. that will help us assess the animals.

 If you are interested in becoming a foster, please fill out the online volunteer application (Click on Get Involved) and ensure you select which animals you would be interested in fostering, in the “Assignment Preference” section.  Once your volunteer application is processed one of our Foster Coordinators will contact you to continue the process.

Surrendering Your Pet

The Wild Rose Humane Society understands that there can be many reasons for surrendering a pet and that can be a difficult decision to make. Many of the reasons for surrender can be addressed and solutions found.

Consider some of these options first:

  • If you purchased your pet from a breeder, your first contact should be to them to see if they will take them back. A responsible breeder will assist you with any issue or help with re-homing of your pet.
  • Contact a breed specific rescue group
  • Contact your veterinarian, an animal behaviorist or trainer to help with behavioral issues
  • Other family and friends who may be able to take your pet temporarily or help with re-homing
  • Medical assistance programs through your veterinarian such as ABVMA Tails of Help
  • Apply for financing through Petcard or start a crowdfunding GoFundMe page
  • Re-homing your pet on your own in a responsible way
  • Pet insurance such as Trupanion or Pet Secure

If you still feel it is best to surrender your pet to the Wild Rose Humane Society, please call 403-335-8297 to make an appointment to speak to our shelter admissions staff. In the event that our shelter is full, we will put your pet on a waiting list. The length of wait can vary between a few days and a few weeks.

Animals being surrendered to the Wild Rose Humane Society must meet our health and behavior requirements. A surrender fee will also be charged at the time of admittance.